We’ve been tackling housing problems in communities to build better lives.

The great journey to end systemic conditions for good begins with affordable housing.

Join our community to help bring affordable housing to those who least can afford it.

Our Core Value.

Our Foundation.

“Buy The Door” is a 501 (c) (3) registered as a legal charity in the United States of America (Cartersville, GA). We give a “voice” to those who are financially struggling to buy a home. When it comes to “Buy The Door”, the American Dream is still alive and thriving. Contact us today!

How we work

Community Advocate

We are a voice for those that are underprivileged and are struggling to afford housing, one of the basic tenants of life.

Humane Approach

We understand that not everyone can afford housing. We are here to help you in a dignified, respectful manner.

Here For You

We are a family-oriented non-profit that strives to put families first. The lack of housing can destroy a family structure so we work hard to support you in your biggest time of need.

Recent Testimonials

Good afternoon Cody (founder of Buy The Door), it appears that we have only 5 more days for you to be the actual owner of the house, my fondest wishes from the very beginning. It’s also greatly appreciated that you’ve made the provision that I and my family can simply walk away completely upon closing. This is why it’s quite easy to give heartfelt testimony to your character and integrity as a professional and human being. Speaking of testimonials, how much time do I get to tout your greatness?

- From a financially distressed family about to lose their home to their mortgagee

The founder of Buy The Door (501c3), Cody Oakes, has a heart of gold and a mission to help families who are in a “bad spot”, financially speaking. I can personally attest that Cody is one of the finest men that I know and have ever met. His own personal life experiences have molded him into the giving person that he is today. If you are in a tight financial bind and are having a hard time making monthly mortgage payments, you may want to contact Cody and Buy The Door. This 501c3 is your answer to prayer and Cody will move mountains to help you get out of a bad situation. Don’t hesitate to contact them today!

Glenn Ozburn
- Owner of Get Viral Marketing, LLC. www.GetViralMarketing.com and www.KigiMarketing.com

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